Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thirsty Thursday

Olivia is spending the night at my Mom's, trying to squeeze in as much YaYa time as possible before they head North early next week and Avery is in dream land, so this is what my world looks like right about now.  A glass of Chateau Morrissette Chardonnay and in a few short minutes I am going to kick my feet up and attempt to get through an episode of Coming Home without hysterical sobbing. I am a blubbering mess for the entire 60 minutes that show is on, I am barely able to form a sentence.  And Army Wives...oh boy. Army Wives has been a doozie so far this season. Those Sunday Night shows really do me in.  BUT, there is a bright spot on my TV watching horizon....tomorrow night....Friday Night Lights is back in action.

I caught up with Allison, one of my best girlfriends, today at work for about 45 minutes and I'll tell ya what, there is nothing better than sitting back and just shooting the breeze with a girl who you feel like has known you for years.  I love that she is someone I can talk to about work, because she gets it, and honestly, I don't really talk about work at home, it is far too confusing to try and explain to people that don't live and breath the Capital One world just how things work, so it is very refreshing to get together with Allison and just let it fly. Allison and I lived together for 3 years in college and have remained close ever since, she is "Aunt Allison" to the girls and Olivia asks about her all the time.

Love my "T" wine glasses

Olivia is a bit under the weather, but its hard to tell what is going on.  She had a fever last night during the night so she spent the day at my Mom's and will spend the day there tomorrow as well because she was still running a fever this afternoon, but she acts fine. She does have a slight cough, but isn't congested. I am keeping my eye on the wheeze, but so far it doesn't sound too bad at all. I am hoping she can kick this before Saturday Afternoon because she is looking forward to Isaac's 4th Birthday Party...I would hate for her to miss it.

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