Sunday, April 24, 2011

90 Degree Easter Sunday

Doesn't everyone get dressed up and play with the water hose on Easter Sunday? That is how we roll in good ol' Newby's Mill when the Dad's are on supervision duty...

Dad's on Duty

Daughter's at Play

"Look Mom, we're all wet"

"Mom, watch me dance"

"Alright Campbell, you just stand right there, I will show you how its done" - Avery, 2 years old

Did someone give this child a blue Ring Pop or what?

This photo was taken BEFORE Riley chewed/scratch the new French Doors in the Home might not see another picture of him for a very long time.

Easter Egg Hunt 2011

Olivia's Loot

Avery was in a mood, spent the first 10 minutes screaming her face off inside and missed the majority of the hunt...its been a less than Easterly day at the Turner Residence. Then to make matters worse, Olivia was sassing me at dinner, so I put her on the stairs at Brian and Molly's house...and she fell down them. Mom of the Year...out the window for the second time this week! Don't worry, she is fine. I think it scared me more than it scared her.

Side Note about Riley: We had been hoping that one day we would be able to get rid of his crate, so when we know we are only going to be gone for an hour or so, we leave him in his crate, but we don't shut his crate door, we just shut the French Doors in the Home Office, well today it didn't go so well.  I walked into the Home Office to find white pieces of wood scattered all over the floor, sure enough, he chewed/scratched the inside of the door...awesome!

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