Monday, April 11, 2011

Movie Night with YaYa

Brad was out of town all weekend so Saturday Night my Mom came over and spent some quality time with the girls while I cleaned out the Coat Closet and purged all the winter accessories, not sad to see them packed away...see ya never! (In reality, I know I will see them December)

When I was done cleaning/organizing we all plopped down on our respective couches and snuggled in to watch Charlotte's Web. My Mom brought the movie over for the girls and I think my Mom and I enjoyed it more than they did. It was adorable and hilarious at the very same time.  We laughed out loud several times...and yes, we do need to get out more, but it was precious!  The girls did pretty well, oddly enough Avery sat still better than Olivia did, but being that it wasn't animated I thought they both did very well.

The girls cherish the time they spend with my Mom and it makes me sad to think that in just a week she will be fly North for the Spring, Summer and Fall.  While we all are happy to say "catch ya later" to Winter, we wish that it didn't mean YaYa had to leave as well.  We all love our Winter Months with YaYa and we (just me at this point, we haven't told the girls yet) are sad to see her go.

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