Sunday, April 24, 2011

"Happy Easter Baskets"

Our Easter Morning started bright and early, we made it to the 8:30am Church Service, enjoyed a delicious breakfast at Friendly's (Kids Eat Free - All Day on Easter - what a great surprise!), and attempted to take some Family Photos when we got home.  We should have left the girls at Church, we joked that with their attitudes they could have used a double dose of Jesus today!

We colored eggs as a family last night, and clearly forgot to clean the girls faces after their pasta dinner, because you can see the leftovers on their face in the photos!

The girls found their Easter Baskets this morning on our way out the door for Church and didn't really get a chance to sit down and go through all their goodies until after we got home and changed into our "play outside, its hot out" clothes.  It is going to hit 90 here today, so as I type I am wearing shorts and a tank top!

No idea why its so blurry, when I look at the photo in Picasa its crystal clear...odd.

While the girls "peacefully" (that's what I tell myself) played in the Nursery this morning at Church I quietly spent the hour praying for some wisdom...of the mothering kind.  I have had some less than proud moments as a mother, some of which I am ashamed of myself and others in which I am hurt by my children's behavior and wonder what I have done as a mother to cause them to be so ugly. I want so badly for them to be polite, sweet and have a kind heart, but there are days where I wonder if someone picked up my child at school by mistake and left me with a little monster whose favorite words are "no", "mine" or "stop it".  I am hoping that wisdom I prayed for will hit me smack in the phase, or at the very least will be replaced with some patience. 

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