Sunday, April 3, 2011

Max for the Minimum...Minimum Price

This girl hearts TJ Maxx.  My Mom and I had a girls afternoon out today that started with soup & salad at Panera, followed by a shopping spree at TJ Maxx. TJ Maxx requires some patience, and I haven't had much for that for the last few years, so needless to say my time spent shopping at TJ Maxx has been scarce.  When I lived in the DC Area I used to frequent TJ Maxx, and I have missed it. Today I scored two more pairs of shoes...
Nude Peep-toe Heels

Jessica Simpson Shoes...without a 5 inch heel, I was shocked. 
I wore the red heels around the store while I shopped, I had to make sure they would be comfortable. I think I am going to wear them to my second cousin's wedding in June with a cute black dress, every girl needs a pair of hot little red shoes, right?

TJ Maxx had an amazing selection of wrapping paper...odd I know, but I needed some, so I was beyond pumped to find wrapping paper that I loved that didn't break the bank.  And TJ Maxx reusable shopping bags are a fantastic deal. They are HUGE and only .99 cents. B-A-R-G-A-I-N.

Brad and I had a date night tonight... and on a school night...we are wild at heart.  We like to live on the edge. My Parents watched the girls, and we caught the 6:30 showing of The Lincoln Lawyer at CineBistro. The CineBistro experience is neat, eating while you watch a movie...super comfy chairs, it was fun, but the food was just so-so. Loved the movie! Mr. McConaughey does an amazing job picking his roles, he nailed this one. I really hadn't even seen a preview, I just and Matthew McConaughey...can't go wrong there and ta-da, I was right!

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