Monday, April 25, 2011

A Camping They Will Go...

And by they...I mean Brad & Olivia. Brad has been talking to Olivia about "camping out" in a tent for the last several weeks and he's been telling her that when it warms up they will camp out together. Well the child is no dummy, she's caught onto the fact that its much warmer out so she has started to ask when they are going. And by going, I mean to pitch the tent in the backyard and sleep inside it.

Brad came home with this cute little pink sleeping bag for Olivia tonight, she was over the moon about it. Why is it that when you do something nice for your children they somehow ruin it for you and make you NOT want to give it to them, or make you NOT want to take them someplace fun?  It is almost like they know you've gone out of your way to do something special for them, or get them a surprise and their "nails on a chalkboard, I don't like anything and all I do is whine" voice comes out full force.

Brad has been dealing with the girls for the last 24 hours, outside of me getting up with Avery this morning at 5am and making dinner.  I just don't have the patience to be fussing at them 24 hours a day for putting stickers on the cabinets or the walls, or covering themselves from head to toe in Dora foam soap while they are fully dressed, but just recently bathed.  I wish I could.  Tonight I took a different approach, I didn't say a word, and of course my blood was boiling, but at least I didn't fuss at them every two minutes. Husband/Dad Points go to Brad for taking the time to stop at Dicks and pick up the Sleeping Bag for Olivia, she absolutely loves it. 

Need an Opinion: When we dropped Avery off this morning "C" (a little boy in her class) was sitting with Ms. Carolyn, his Mom had just dropped him off and he had a fever of 101.4.  The trigger to call a Parent is 101, so they took him upstairs to call his Mom.  When Brad picked the girls up today Ms. Carolyn mentioned that "C" had been at school all day, the Mom came but wouldn't take him home, said he was fine and he ran a fever of 103 all day.  As a parent of a child in that class I am furious at his dare she subject all of our children to whatever he has going on, how dare she put the teachers in such a tough spot, because you know when your child has a fever of 103 they feel miserable and just want to be held, not an easy task with 12 two year olds running around.  So I need some advice, I was going to talk to the Director about it tomorrow. I don't know how the conversation went, I clearly wasn't there, but I can't believe a Mother would say "Sorry, I am not going to pick up my super sick child, I am going to leave him there to infect all the other children" but to some degree it sounds like that is what happened.  Don't you feel like the school should have "forced" the issue with her? We all sign contracts saying 101 fever means the child has go to home and has to be fever free for 24 hours before returning.  It will be interesting to see if he is there tomorrow what do ya'll think? Should I mind my own business? Should I inquire about their policy and see how they handle a situation when a parent won't pick up their child? Almost feels like neglect to me...maybe I am being dramatic, and I am probably not putting myself in the Mom's shoes as much as I should, maybe she needs to work and can't take time off, maybe she is afraid she will lose her job and is a single Mom providing for her child.

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