Saturday, April 23, 2011

Circus & Sickness

Poor Avery...the little darling has what the Doctor thinks is a sinus infection. She has a nasty cough that makes me cringe and a fever that won't quit, but her lungs sound perfect and her ears are infection-free, so Dr. G chalks the fever up to a sinus infection, lets see if the Z-Pack works its magic on her, if so, she should be good to go by tomorrow evening, that stuff is lightening quick.

Brad and his two favorite girls...

I believe you are all aware that I just recently was disqualified from the Mom of the Year contest (in my dreams - HA)...and since I had nothing to lose, I thought I would just keep pushing the limits, and did what I can imagine all Mothers have done at one point in their lives...I brought a sick child, into a very public place because we had already promised her a fun filled day, and frankly, because we had already bought the to the Circus the Turner Family went.

These two brothers were amazing.  Together they weigh close to 700 pounds and consume 15,000 calories a day, yet they can swing each other around like they were tossing a rag doll into the sky, their strength is amazing.

They happen to be one of those acts that likely only adults can truly appreciate due to how insanely difficult it is to achieve some of the lifts they did.

Our little sicko

I think my favorite acts, outside of Avery peeing on Brad's lap, which btw, was quite amusing, was probably either the horses or the tigers. I am easily amused by animals that do coordinated things, probably because my dog can't seem to even scratch himself standing up without toppling over and causes our entire house to shutter. The horses were incredible, they were dancing on their hind legs, the tigers were hoping around like Kangaroos.  We kept our hands close to the girls eyes just in case any of those tigers were rogue, they didn't look all that friendly to me and the last thing we wanted was our girls to witness something that would rival Sigfried & Roy's dramatic performance.

We had great seats, about 5 rows from the floor, the girls did really well, outside of Olivia having to go to the bathroom 4+ times (I felt bad for the people down the row from us that had to stand up and let us by all 4 times).  Brad is a sucker for his little girls. He took Olivia to the bathroom, came back with enough food to feed a small army, a pink wand thing that lights up and spins around that we basically had to dip into Olivia's college fund to pay for, and he didn't stop there. I happen to adore that he spoils the girls...but that pink wand thing HURTS :) 

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