Thursday, April 21, 2011

School Photos Spring 2011

Here they are, in all their glory, the famous school photos that as a child I avoided and dreaded and even went so far as to hide in the bathroom when my class was taken, no wonder I am missing from one of the yearbooks - HA.

Our first born & Thumper

Our second born who screamed "off, off, off" when they tried to place Thumper on her lap

The two darlings in mismatched outfits because Avery's picture day was rescheduled at the last minute

School Photos are HIGHWAY ROBBERY. You get 4 sheets for $45 smackers. I'm sorry, but I was not willing to drop $45 X 3 to buy their packages, BUT it is so hard to know that already printed photos of your babies are just going to get thrown out. Why is the world so cruel? We ended up buying their class photos too, I love those and I loved as an adult looking back at mine, I hope they find the same humor/joy in that many years from now.

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