Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Teacher of the Year

Insley & Molly (Tacky Sweater Party 2010)

A well deserved CONGRATULATIONS goes out to my very dear friend and neighbor Insley who was named Teacher Of The Year today.  It was so cute, her husband Justin whispered to Molly and I last night that she had won, I guess Insley's Principal called Justin to set a master plan in action. When they called her name today Justin, Juliette and Insley's Mom jumped out of a closet to surprise her. Sweet huh? I am so very proud of her. This has been a tough year for her, what she does isn't easy. She is an ED Special Education Teacher, which means she works with the kiddos who are having a real tough time and its stressful, but I am so thankful that the County took the time to recognize her contributions to our Youth and thank her for all that she does.  Congrats Insley! We in the hood are so very proud of you!!

Note to Self: Take more photographs of your close friends, so that when they do something remarkable you don't have to embarrass them with photographs taken months ago at the Tacky Sweater Party.

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