Wednesday, April 6, 2011

If I had a million dollars...

I would shop here:

And here:

I find it amusing that the clothing lines I would choose to drop a small fortune on are, in relative terms not crazy expensive, but to me they are highway robbery. If I could afford it, I would likely order one of everything from the Vineyard Vines catalog, but it makes my stomach hurt to think about spending that insane amount of money on a simple dress or skirt.  And the same goes for Boden, I got their catalog today and I could have dog-eared every other page, I love the tunics and all the dresses, but seriously, I can't imagine spending $100 on a shirt. I rarely am wearing $100 worth of clothing in my entire outfit and that usually includes my shoes. I am what you would call...a bargain shopper. I spend my days walking through Target chest bumping other Mom's who just scored 2 pairs of cute as can be earrings for $4.99, not figuring out which organ I would have to sell to fund the purchase of 1 Boden Dress. 

I actually said to my work-twin Ashley the other day that I loved a few of the dresses Target has out right now but that I wouldn't spend $27.99 on a casual dress from Target, and low and behold they are on sale this week for $17.99, I just might have to take a trip to the good ol' Target before the sale ends.  And I actually catch myself saying things like that often...but just a few short years ago, I would have dropped $100 on a dress and not given it a second, how my priorities and income have changed.  But ya know what? I actually like my bargain shopping self. I like that I scour the racks at Target for the next cute outfit, or that I send my fashionista friend Allison links to dresses I like from Wal-Mart while we are busy solving the big problems at work.  (We're girls, we can multi-task)

Cute dress right? Guess where I found it....Wal-Mart...and guess how much it is? $16 clams. What a steal! And the reviews just back up the fact that it looks like it walked right out of a JCrew Catalog shoot.

And for the record, if I really did have a million dollars, the very LAST thing I would spend it on would be clothes, its just an expression :)

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