Tuesday, April 26, 2011

First Freebie

So I ventured into the wide world of couponing tonight. I wanted to start small and I sure did, about as small as they come.

I purchased 3 Sample Size Degree deodorants for a total of .97.  I had a $1.00 off one, and a $1.00 off two, so I could have walked away with 1 and not paid a single red cent, but I thought I would use the other coupon as well, so I ended up paying .97 for 3. I also used two $5.00 off a Merona Clothing Purchase of $25 or more, so I ended up saying $10 on my clothing purchases as well.  Not an amazing deal, but still, I was impressed I actually brought the coupons with me, didn't leave them in the car and actually remembered to use them.  Baby Steps.  I will get there. My goal is to NEVER buy things we won't use or won't need JUST because they are a good deal, UNLESS they are free and I can donate them. 

I had to share this, Olivia's teacher Ms. Teresa made these for all the kids for Easter. Isn't it precious? She made it out of a milk carton. And she included a bag of cheese balls with green tissue paper at the top in the shape of a carrot, cute as a button.  Pre-School Teacher Craft Skills are over the top!!!

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