Saturday, April 9, 2011

10 Simple Rules For My Girls

10 Rules to Live By...

1) Do your very best
2) Do not tattletale
3) Play nice and share
4) Do not whine or complain
5) Be kind to others
6) Say please and thank you
7) If you borrow it, return it
8) Always tell the truth
9) Be grateful for what you have
10) Say your prayers

10 Extra rules to follow if you want to live to see age 4
(written by a Mommy who was up at 5:30am, whose husband is out of town all weekend and who is a wee bit short on patience)

1) Don't peel the crayon wrappers off crayons and leave them all over the house
2) Don't walk/step on your toys! Pick them up and put them back where you got them (See #7 above, it is similar)
3) Stickers do NOT belong on the hardwood floors
4) Always ask before you take something that doesn't belong to you, including but not limited to: Mommy's Rice Krispie Treat from Noodles & Company
5) Use the bathroom before you go to bed and empty your bladder, getting up several times within the first 5 minutes of hitting the hay gets on my last nerve
6) When Mommy asks you if you want to go to Timeout, the correct answer is "No Ma'am, I'm sorry", not "Yup", at the very least, remove that grin when you say "Yup"
7) When Mommy is folding clothes and is sorting them into neat piles, it isn't an opportune time to throw them all into one big pile and jump on them like they are a pile of leaves in the backyard.
8) Eat your vegetables, don't feed them to Riley
9) Use your words, not your fist, teeth or feet
10) When Mommy is sad or in a bad mood, offering her Ice Cream is a solid strategy (throw in sprinkles and she just might share)

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