Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Until July...

No, this isn't Olivia, but this is EXACTLY what she looked like last night when it was time to say goodbye to YaYa & GaGa. Her tears and emotion brought me to tears, it is difficult to watch your little one struggle with such real emotion. This is the first time in her short 3.5 years of life that she gets it, she gets that YaYa won't be back until her Birthday and for Olivia that is forever away.

She even woke up crying for her YaYa this morning.  I was telling her last night how very lucky she is to have such great relationships with her YaYa and her Bina and how when I was a little girl I so very badly wanted to have a close relationship with my Grandparents. Of course I was in tears telling her how much everyone loves her and she was wiping my tears away, lets hope she picked up what I was laying down.

Side Note: Avery walked into the van door this morning as it was closing and has a huge black and blue streak down the middle of her forehead...and someone in Avery's class thought they would sample her forearm so she has a huge bite mark on her left wrist area, the poor thing had a rough, rough day.

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Jenni said...

Oh this post makes me want to cry. Poor Olivia!!!

And Avery is just as bad as Matt with the egg on his head! Hope she is ok. Tell kids to stop biting her!!!