Sunday, July 11, 2010

Over the Rivah...and through the woods...

To Grammie and BopBop's House we went. Who are Grammie and BopBop you ask? Well, Grammie and BopBop are Insley's Parents, aka at Zack and Juliette's Grandparents. They live in the Northern Neck on the water, so we all packed up and headed to the Rivah (that's how people say it here apparently).  Its about 1 hour and 45 minutes away, so its a very reasonable drive for a Friday afternoon, a perfect distance for a second home/beach house/river house if you ask me. Insley's Parents are wonderful hosts, they had the whole menu planned out. We dined on delicious clams hot off the grill, soaked in mouth watering butter, party in your mouth BBQ,  Shirley's Famous Ribs and don't forget all the sweets. Oh boy was it tough to hold myself back.  I did pretty well when it comes to the alcohol, I didn't waste too many points on Wine or Beer but likely used all 35 of my bonus points in just two short days.  Three small bummers...1) I didn't take a single photo the entire time we were there, 2) It rained all day yesterday, and 3) Avery took a 40 minute nap yesterday while the guys were out on the boat fishing, so I spent all afternoon just chasing her around.

We got on the road fairly early this morning, right around 9am, so that Avery could take her morning nap in the car, which worked out perfectly. Olivia was an angel and Avery slept, it was a peaceful ride home for everyone and all was right with the world.  What would a Sunday afternoon be for Olivia without a run in the sprinklers and some Quality Time with dear ol' Dad...

(Olivia helping Brad clean his bike after she ran through the sprinklers with Zack)

Also, side note. We are getting ready for a yard-sale, planned for sometime this Fall so I am making my way through the house, selecting all things from decor, to clothing, to baby items that I no longer like, need or am willing to store and they are going to be yard-saled.  I have decided to change the decor in the Morning Room, it was very Monica and Rachel-ish (from their Friends apartment), but I have since removed all the paintings and am slowly filling in the blanks. 

(Light Blue Mirror that now hangs in our Morning room, it works out that it ties in the light blue from the Family Room quite nicely)

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