Saturday, July 3, 2010

Commence DTD Movement

(Guess what this is....)
That's right folks, we are in the throws of dropping those diapers. Olivia woke up this morning and put on her Dora Panties and we kissed those diapers goodbye, of course we are going to welcome them back with open arms for nap time and bedtime for the foreseeable future. Olivia was showing signs all week of wanting to pee on the potty instead of pee in her diaper. When its diaper changing time at school her teachers always ask her if she wants to try and pee on the potty, for the first 6 months she wouldn't even try, then about two weeks ago she started "trying" about once a day, and then this week she was trying and succeeding up to 3 times a day, it was almost like she knew the DTD Movement was on the calendar for this weekend. Her teacher Mariza even told me on Friday that she would recommend Olivia coming to school in panties beginning on Tuesday, which was our plan all along, but its nice that she agrees with us, now all we need is for her to report to accounting that Olivia is potty trained and her tuition will drop a bit - amen.

(You guessed it...Dora Panties in the sink)

It hasn't been a smooth sailing type of morning by any means. Yes, she used the potty as soon as she woke up, which was great, but between her every 10 minute trips to the potty, she managed to have what you would call a small accident and we are now on pair #2 of her Dora Panties. And let me just say, this is no easy task, containing Avery while I take Olivia to the bathroom every 10 minutes, its exhausting...and did I mention I am doing this as a single parent? Brad thought it would be a good idea to go for a ride this morning and leave me home alone to man the fort and the potty.

(Her surprise after 5 Trips to the Potty)

(The Potty Chart)

I should mention that she is wearing a diaper for nap time and bedtime and when we put the diaper on for nap time this afternoon my blood pressure fell into the normal range. I am on edge, just waiting for her to say "I am peeing" or for the timer to go off, what a day. She is in the bath right now (Brad is supervising) and we've had a so-so day. I think we went through a total of 4 or 5 pairs of Dora Panties, I have to admit, I was hoping for 1-2 accidents, but heck she's a rookie, I will cut her some slack.  She did however have a meltdown this afternoon and words I never thought I would hear came out of her mouth..."I don't like Dora, I want my diaper back on", it was the "I don't like Dora" part that brought me to my knees...she better get back on good terms with Dora, or her Dora Themed Birthday Party in just two short weeks is going to be a major flop.

Funniest Thing Olivia said yesterday:

"Mom, shhhhhh, zip your lip" - not sure where she came up with that one and not sure I like it, but it is kinda funny.

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