Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Friendship Advice from Cooking Light Magazine

My Aunt Martha gave me a subscription to Cooking Light Magazine for Christmas and I absolutely love it, I only wish I had the time to put it to good use instead of just letting my mouth water as I read through the delicious looking pages. A month or so ago, March I believe they had a wonderful article about "The importance and problem of staying connected" here are a few of the words of wisdom I took away...
  • In many ways, friends define us and keep us sane...its a mystery why making time for these people we love can quickly get moved down the priority list...Why is it so hard to stay in touch then?
  • ...its likely that you're just not getting the friend time you used to.  In part this has happened because you trust that you can rely on your friends to be there when you really need them.  But you always need them.  Friendship is not a constant state of connection; it needs to be tended, and improves with tending.
  • "Its important to think of time with friends as something you need, like exercise and a good night's sleep, Every hour of friendship time you add to your life diminishes stress and increases your happiness" Tom Rath, author or Vital Friends: The People You Can't Afford to Live Without
  • Who has time to gab when there's a family to feed and laundry to wash? "Don't feel guilty about taking time away from family because it all comes back and makes you a better partner or parent" Psychologist Irene Levine, PhD. (This is very true for me)
The article went on to share success stories about long lasting friendships, ones that span the globe, ones that have lasted for years upon years. One of my very favorites and one I hope to institute with my close group of friends sooner rather than later, is an annual weekend getaway.  Eight women who grew up together are celebrating their 25th annual girls weekend, that is impressive and I am jealous.  I am in love with friendship and I love hearing stories about women who cherish theirs.

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