Sunday, July 25, 2010

Home Sweet Home

It is nice to be home...and at this point I am going to be home until we head to the beach on August 14th. I am looking forward to a few weeks at home without big plans.  I am hoping the temps drop a little and we can actually spend some time outside with the girls in the evenings and on the weekends. Today was brutal. Olivia and I tried to play in "da Beach" for a little while this morning and within minutes she said "Its too hot out here Mommy, I want to go inside", so inside we went. So we took the girls to the mall so they could play at the inside play area, we grabbed lunch at Chipotle and we picked up the girls pictures at Sears.

We are working hard to ween Avery of her morning nap, yesterday Brad gave in because he knew her afternoon nap would be cut short so they could pick me up at the airport. They were so cute, Brad dressed them in their matching Brown and White dresses, too stinkin' cute. So this morning we kept Avery busy, and around 1:45pm we got the girls down for their afternoon naps. Avery woke up screaming about 30 minutes later and screamed for 45 minutes straight, then she finally gave in and I was able to put her back down, I am afraid she is getting sick, she isn't acting like herself...fingers crossed she is a-okay when she wakes up in the morning.

Riley is a mess, his ear looks horrible, it looks like they quilted it, its so swollen and its caked with blood, its just gross. Olivia isn't as scared of him as she was when he first came home from the "Doggie Hospital", but she isn't thrilled when he gets too close, its almost like she thinks he is a different dog because of the way his ear looks.

Last night when I got home and showered we headed over to the Harris's house for a "Cookout", but since it was blazin' outside, Brian used his noggin and decided it would be a better idea to just get a 91 foot sub instead of grilling out, excellent idea.

I finished our Book Club Book...Julia's Chocolates by Cathy Lamb. It was painful until I got through the first 5 or 6 chapters, I didn't think I was going to get through it, but it turned out to be a page turner just as soon as I got through the first 6 chapters. I loved it. I didn't want it to end. I highly recommend it. Next Up:  Promises to Keep by Jane Green. I absolutely LOVE Jane Green, I chomp at the bit just waiting for her next book to come out, so I am excited to crack this one open.

My friend "D" is going through a tough time right now, her FIL is losing his battle with Cancer and they have called in the Hospice Angels. Please send up your prayers, please pray that these angels work their magic and bring him peace and keep him comfortable.

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Jeni said...

I love Jane Green too! I think my fave is Jemmima J.