Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Welcome To The World Nate Davis!

My very sweet, love her to death friend Maura and her wonderful husband Aaron welcomed their first child to the world this afternoon, the little man was taking his sweet time, Maura was keeping him safe and sound in there, he clearly didn't realize that he was a week late for a very important date. I was hoping he would be born on Olivia's Birthday, but no such luck!!

Nathaniel James Davis was born at 2:20pm weighing in at 9lbs 3oz, measuring 21 inches long. They are going to call him Nate. Maura and Aaron are going to be wonderful parents, Nate is one lucky little man to have been blessed with parents like the two of them. I think he looks a lot like Aaron in the photo above...

Look at this sweet little man, isn't he precious? And look at that charming little smile he is sporting...

Side Note: I put Olivia down at 8pm, its now 9:45pm and she is having a full blown conversation with Diego in her bed...she is singing to him, probably reading him books...this child is one funny bugger.

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