Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Holy Moly

What a trip. I am finally here, about 12 hours late and sans my luggage. However I should note, that now as I type I do in fact have my luggage, however it didn't join me on the plane and arrived about 12 hours after I did, and several hours after I had to go to work, so I had to march myself across the street to Mercury Drug and pick up the essentials before I went to work last night.

I had a hot oil treatment yesterday afternoon when I got here, which basically means they coat your hair with hot oil and give you a wonderful neck/shoulders/upper back massage. My shoulders were a mess, the guy was working out knots the entire time. I am scheduled for a massage this morning at 10am, its 8:45am as I type. I can't wait to get the kinks worked out and hit the hay, I am exhausted and I have to be up and ready at 6pm for a business dinner. I had hoped to find time to work out, but I have been doing work since I got back from the site.

I have to admit, I am having a hard time eating well, there just isn't enough to choose from to choose well. In Amsterdam I went to McDonald's, heck it was the safest option I saw, and healthier than the big chunky pizza options, so I dined on Chicken Nuggets and Fries...not the worst option, but clearly not Weight Watchers Friendly. I didn't eat much on the plane(s), as the food was kinda icky and I drank water the entire time, no soft drinks...

Since arriving here I have dined on Broccoli and Prawn Tempura, not the best option, but heck, I had been traveling for 3 days, I didn't have my luggage and I was having a pity party for myself...and I just ordered some "breakfast", I order the "morning breads" basket and french fries, SHAME ON ME. I am so ashamed of myself, horrible choices, but I just can't trust a lot of the other stuff, so I am not sure what to eat and I was starting to feel icky. And for lunch earlier (which was eaten around 1am) I had a creamy/garlicky pasta dish that the site ordered for me, I didn't have a choice, it was that or gross looking pizza. I just need to get home and get back on the wagon, I don't have much time before I need to squeeze myself into two bridesmaid dresses and look presentable and at this rate things aren't looking good...

Movies I watched on the Plane:

The Bounty Hunter - cute...I love Jennifer Aniston
Valentine's Day - loved it, cried again when Julia Roberts wraps her arms around her son
Leap Year - cute, not as bad as I thought it would be, but predictable
Date Night - hilarious, Tina Fey is a very funny girl
The Blind Side - goes without saying - great movie

Out of all of my trips to Manila I slept the least on this trip...not sure why, guess the timing of the flights didn't work out as well. This was my first trip landing during the day, usually I land at 10pm, so maybe that was it.

I can't wait to get home and wrap my arms around my darlings....side note, Olivia started swimming lessons on Monday, its going so-so, I can't wait to take her next week and watch her do her thing.

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