Monday, July 26, 2010

Of Course....

So I thought Avery was the one that stood a chance of staying home today due to her not feeling so well yesterday, but we got a call around 10am from TCH, and Olivia was running a fever of 103.5.  Brad was able to pick her up as I am in super duper important meetings today and tomorrow, but of course she now has to stay home tomorrow and that leaves us up creek without a paddle, so Brad is having to change his out of town plans and I will adjust work as much as I can to keep her home's to hoping she can go back to school on Wednesday and that Avery stays healthy...she did however have a snotty little nose this morning, and I should also note, she arose at 5:35am, of course...on my morning to get up with her, while all weekend she slept until 6:30am for Brad.

Now if only it would rain....then I could say, when it rains it pours.

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