Monday, July 19, 2010

So Much to Say....So Little Time

I have so much to catch you all up on...but so little time. As I type I am sitting at the Richmond Airport waiting to board a plane headed for JFK with a final destination of Manila.  I will arrive in Manila on Tuesday at 10:10pm MNL time, which is 10:10am est, so I essentially spend 24 hours on the plane and then lose another 12 with the time change. I promise to upload the Birthday Bash photos just as soon as I get home, which will be late Saturday.

All in all, we had a wonderful weekend, filled with great friends, great family and a very happy Birthday Girl. I was so thankful that Adam, Kearstin and their son Jayden were able to join in the weekend fun, it made the weekend having them here, I hope we can make a tradition out of it, thinking back I never really imagined the day that we would have children the same age that could play together, but it was a great feeling watching Olivia and Jayden become fast friends just like Adam and I...maybe its the start of another beautiful friendship!!

And I should note, I am more sad that usual today, I don't know why, probably the mixture of saying goodbye to Adam and his Family, as well as saying goodbye to mine.  When I dropped Olivia off at school today I went in to give Avery one last smooch and I just lost it, and when I put her down and she started screaming for me "Momma, Momma" my heart broke into a million little pieces, I sure am going to miss those girls.

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