Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Molly

Today is my dear friend Molly's Birthday, we are all very bummed that we aren't able to join her tonight to celebrate her special day, but know that I am thinking of her and wishing I had a live in babysitter and a husband that didn't travel so we could join in the fun.

Speaking of fun, last night Michael Buble was WONDERFUL. He is a great performer and I mean GREAT. He is funny, energetic and sincere all in one. Brad and I enjoyed each others company and were able to get away for a few hours.

More Good News on the Potty Training front....Olivia stayed dry all day yesterday at school, including through her nap, which was impressive and a little by accident (I forgot to tell them to put a diaper on her for naptime). I am so proud of my almost three year old I can barely stand it. I can't believe she is going to be three years old in less than two weeks, where does the time go?

(Olivia - the day we brought her home from the hospital - July 2007)

(Olivia on her 1st Birthday - July 2008)

(Olivia on her 2nd Birthday - July 2009)

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