Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Liv

(The Birthday Girl - what a horrible shot of her, but she didn't sit still all day, so this was the best I could do)

(I caved...we went with a Dora Theme)

(But we kept it classy with the flowers)

(The favors)

(Olivia and Avery's Favor Bags)

(Dora herself)

(The Birthday Girl's Little Sister)

(Avery was madly in love with Damon, our neighbor)

(She was also in love with the Chocolate Chip Cookies I made)

(The Birthday Girl and her cake)

(Blowing out her Dora candle)

(Ta-Da, I hope her wish comes true)

(Cheese Ball loves her cake)

(She wanted the Dora on top)

(Adam & Kearstin)

(Baby Campbell and Molly - whose necklace I would steal if we had the same monogram)

(Olivia going to town on the frosting)

(Adam waiting to attack Justin with water balloons)

(An unsuspecting Justin)

(Jayden popping one on Olivia's head)

(Jayden coming to get me, water balloon in hand)

(Olivia and Jayden drying off)

(Going in for a smooch)

(Here comes a wet one Liv)

(Open mouth kisses at 3...not sure how we all feel about that)

(The passion behind the kiss knocked them off their feet)
(Happy Birthday Olivia, your very own bike....without pedals)

Her first comment once Brad brought the bike out was "Where are the pedals?", which I thought was very appropriate.  Brad has purchased this bike in the hopes that she will improve her balance and go right to a two wheel bike and bypass the training wheel stage, apparently that is how they roll in Europe.

(How cute is this face?)


The B's said...

Love the birthday pics!! I know just what you mean about the bike... Mike has had one on the radar since I was preggo for the tots. Boys and their bikes! I can't wait to hear how Liv does on hers... it is suppossed to really work (forgoing the training wheels).

The B's said...

Also... LOVE Molly's necklace!