Saturday, July 3, 2010

Guac Take 1

I whipped up my very first batch of Guacamole this morning while in the throws of potty training, that's right, nothing was going to stop me from putting those perfectly ripe 'cados to work. I followed my friend Jeni's Recipe, which can be found here. She is an amazing little cook and I trusted her recipe over everyone else's, first of all because I know she is legit and second of all she has the same love for Mexican that I do, so I know where to go when I need a Mexican Recipe and I know the girl has some good taste buds. For my next batch I am going to work on finding some 'cados that aren't quite so ripe. I had bought four and only three made it into the recipe, one was far too ripe, the whole thing was already brown inside - ick.


Jeni said...

Yay! So glad you liked it :) I have been victim to more then one overripe or underripe avocado so I can relate. It sucks when they're like a buck a piece too!

Anonymous said...

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