Monday, July 5, 2010

Too early to declare success?

After a rocky potty-training start on Saturday, (I am knocking on some serious wood), I am thrilled with the end result.

Saturday = 5 Accidents
Sunday = 0 Accidents
Monday = 0 Accidents

And today was filled with "I have to go Potty" comments, instead of us taking her every 15 minutes.  We set the timer on 25 minutes today instead of the 10-15 minute intervals, which helped with the annoyance factor for everyone involved. We were out playing in the pool this morning and on three separate occasions she said "I have to go Potty" but never went, so finally on the fourth occurrence I just took her bathing suit off and let her pee in the grass. She ran into the garage to tell Brad "I just peed like Riley" - hilarious.

She is going to school in her "Princess" panties tomorrow instead of Dora, she already picked them out. And of course I am packing about 11 extra pairs for school, including a few extra outfits just in case we have some accidents.  I just worry she will be so busy playing and doing all the fun stuff they do at school she won't be thinking about it, or won't want to stop what she is doing to take a potty break.

Tonight Brad and I had the best of intentions. I had marinated some tenderloin kabobs, we were going to grill some veggies, but when he went to fire up the grill there was no fire to be had. He had to borrow a propane tank from the neighbors, so our plan was foiled, he ended up grilling while I was trying to get Olivia down, and it was done long before she was ready to stop her fussing, so we ended up eating in shifts, taking turns keeping her quiet so as to not wake Avery. As I type he is choking down some kabobs in the kitchen while I have my feet up in the family room, so much for our dinner date. 

Speaking of dates though, tomorrow night Brad and I are going to see Michael Buble and the girls are staying with Insley and Molly.  We are even toying with the idea of Olivia have a sleep over at Zack's house, we'll see how that goes. Either way I am very thankful to have such great friends who I trust my children with, these days I barely trust myself with my children (Avery). Either way, Brad and I will have our date and the girls will get some Insley and Molly lovin!!

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