Monday, July 5, 2010

On the hunt...

for the perfect bar stools.  Ideally I would like to find two 30 inch black leather (with backs) stools for a decent price. We don't have the ideal bar/counter area, but we are in need of some extra seating so we are looking for something to satisfy that need, our counter width is a little smaller than it should be to actually sit and eat up there, but it will suffice in a pinch.

(Something like this)

We are anxiously awaiting the quote from our Contractor to see what the damage is going to be to close in the Formal Living Room and add French Doors.  We are quessing it will drastically change the look and feel of our entry way since our home has a very open floor plan today, BUT we really need to make use of the room, and right now we just don't have the need for a Formal Living Room, so our hope is to turn it into a home office/den area. And while Chad (our Contractor) is at it, he is going to open up the close in the 4th bedroom/guest bedroom so that its more usable, right now the door makes it difficult to get to the ends on either side and in turn the closet feels much smaller than it actually is.

Brad and Olivia are outside cleaning up the garage so that we can move our Yard Sale Pile down to the garage and get it OUT of the guest bedroom. We are hoping to have a Yard Sale this Fall, but our September is already packed, so its looking like it will have to wait until October. I cannot wait to get this clutter out of the house, it gives me panic attacks just thinking about it, I don't even have to look at it and I go a little batty.

(This cracks me up, clearly not Olivia, but I wanted you to picture her sitting on her Potty and this was the best I could do on such short notice, this little girl DOES however look like Avery's adorable little friend Maya who lives down the street)

Potty Training went better yesterday, no accidents, BUT its so stressful, I never thought I would behave the way I am when it comes to potty training. In general I am a laid back Mom, or scratch that, I was a laid back Mom, until Avery took her first dive off the steps and poked herself in the eye with a knife, but I really thought I would be laid back about Potty Training, and I am SOOOO not. I ask Olivia every 15 seconds if she has to go to the bathroom, I am probably annoying the you know what out of her, I can't help myself. After the 5 accidents on day one I am just so paranoid that she is never going to get it, I want to help her along anyway I can. Lets go back to the "probably annoying her", I think its safe to say I am annoying her, there is no probably about it, heck, I am annoying myself.

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Megs said...

Did you try Target for the bar stools? We got our brown leather ones from there and absolutely love them.