Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Halloween in July?

So I started asking Olivia today what she wanted to dress up as on Halloween...I was hoping I could talk her into the Bumble Bee costume that she refused to wear last year...only if it fit of course, I mean I wouldn't shove her into it like a sausage or anything like that...of course not. I wouldn't even think of it. Its not one of those yellow and black stripped plush things, its almost all black...I should take a photo and share it with you because I am fairly certain she won't want to wear it.

She commented that she wanted to be a Butterfly...which would make Avery a very cute Caterpillar don't cha think? If Olivia can't fit into the Bumble Bee costume, maybe Avery could? If all else fails...

I was thinking Avery might make a cute little devil?

Or maybe an octopus...cute eh?

I can't believe I am already thinking about Halloween, I already have big plans that weekend since Brad will be competing in the Tidewater Challenge in Williamsburg, its a surprise though so I can't share it with you all just yet since I haven't told Brad my Master Plan...and that just wouldn't be fair now would it?

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The B's said...

oh girlfriend we are peas in the same pod. I started asking Zack what he wanted to be for halloween last week. I am glad to see I am not the alone in this life of never ending planning!