Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Doggie Loves Dora

Even our Master Pooch Riley Duke of Fenway is a Dora fan these days...the poor guy has been sporting this dome again since his ear surgery last Wednesday, so for about a week, not counting the week or so he wore it when he first broke his ear...he runs into the girls, runs into walls, and since its plastic, it doesn't feel great when he comes up behind you and clips you, he actually drew blood on me the other day, not fun. As you can see by the super duper gross photos it isn't pretty, it looks like they just quilted his ear, poor bugger.

(sporting the Dora stickers)

And yes, Riley Duke of Fenway is his real name...cute eh?

(This shot shows the "quilted" look)


(Look at all those stitches...yuck)

This morning I was running a bit late, Avery woke up before I could shower, I was home alone, so that meant I had to get the girls ready and to school, come back shower and then head into the office. So luckily Olivia woke up on her own but wasn't ready to really jump start her day, she was moving at a snail's pace.

So I commented:

"Olivia, we need to move, fast, fast, fast like a rabbit" - Me
"Mommy, I don't want to move fast today, I want to move slow" - Olivia....and slow she moved.

I took the little Esther Williams to Swimming Lessons today since Brad came home early and wasn't feeling well (He has the random high fever too, they are testing his blood for Lyme Disease - awesome eh? Fingers crossed its just that random 24 hour bug Olivia had). I have to admit, its hard to watch her so scared of the water...I clearly can't recall back to when I was 3 years old, but from the time I can remember I have always loved the water, I was a little fish, you couldn't drag me out of the water, and Olivia is scared to death. She warms up and by the end of the 30 minute lesson she is much further along than she was at the onset, but the challenge is its only two times a week, and she missed Monday because she was by the time we start again on Monday its almost like a clean slate, so she isn't really progressing and trying new things each week, its almost like they are starting over with her each and every class...the poor darling is just scared. I hate watching the fear on her face, watching her reach for me with her arms out while she does the silent cry...its heart-breaking to watch. I can't wait to watch her soar in the water, I was cheering her on from the sidelines, making a fool of myself with tears in my eyes, her smile when she saw me dancing around cheering for the good kicking job she was doing was sheer pride, I know she was working hard at not being afraid and she was so proud of herself, it was adorable.

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