Monday, June 21, 2010

Single Momma Week

No, its not like Breast Cancer Awareness week, or Weimaraner Appreciation Week (I totally made that one up, but it totally SHOULD be a real week), this week I am going to be a Single Momma while Brad jets off to the ATL for one of those fancy schmancy sales conferences I miss so very much, man, those were the days, a week at the Torrey Pines Lodge...oh Careerbuilder, you were too good to me. I digress...

So thats right folks, send in the troops, send up your prayers, I will be working my butt off keeping those kids, clean, fed and alive for the next several days. Brad won't be home until very late Friday Night (because of course the 5pm flight was a tad more expensive, it broke the bank and along with the bank, company policy, so he is on the 11pm flight - awesome) and won't see the girls until Saturday Morning. Wish me luck!

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