Saturday, June 5, 2010

Friday Night Lights...I mean Fun

So very favorite day of the week. I miss it so very badly all week and when it comes around again I am filled with joy. This week I was hoping to leave work early so that we could join in some fun at The Gordy's ('hood Friends) Annual School is Almost Out Party (they are both teachers), well no such luck on the leaving early part, I didn't get home until almost 5:45pm - annoying. Brian, Molly and Campbell were waiting for us, and as soon as we could get everything together we piled the girls into the wagon and set out down the street, Mexican Beer in Hand and Frozen Mini Tacos (one of my new favorites), the party theme was Mexican...
We had a great time with our neighbors and their friends until around 9pm (well past the girls bedtime, I know) when Olivia decided to take a nose dive off the trampoline, don't worry, she was fine, more scared and dirty than anything, but it tipped the scales on her already being tired, so after a public meltdown we hit the pavement and made our way home, bathed the girls, put them down and then joined Brian, Molly, Insley and Justin our our back deck for some Champagne and our very favorite and always delicious Williamsburg Winery Governer's White Wine...and I need to make a plug for Costco here....the price has dropped, it is now, hold onto your seats friends....$4.99 a bottle. So of course I had to buy a case...I mean what if it went back up to $5.65...I couldn't risk it. As always we had a blast with our neighbors. We planned our first Adult Only Vacation - Vegas January 2011, and started our Beach Vacation 2011 plans as well, we are so fortunate to have them as friends and neighbors, I don't know what we would do without them.

And speaking of Friday Night Lights...I haven't watched this weeks episode yet, but I am looking forward to doing that this weekend.

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