Thursday, June 17, 2010

Finishing Touches

Many moons ago I posted about the Girls Bathroom and its Re-Do...well I have been searching for just the right piece of art to go above the toilet and I finally found Target of all places, right under my nose the whole time and I didn't even see it...thats because usually when I am in Target (my Heaven on Earth) I am running a million miles an hour from aisle to aisle on a mission, and I found this while I was shopping on my own, taking my own sweet time...see what happens when I take time for myself (on the way home, and when I say time, I mean 30 minutes, but still, its something).

And you might also recall me posting about Olivia's Big Girl Bedding...well here is her uniquely decorated bedroom clock, meant to match the bedding. I am not sure if it really hits the nail on the head with the whole matching thing, but its cute, so we are going to keep it. Who am I kidding, its not like I could return it, I had it handmade for her...

I find it interesting that the wall its on looks so white in the photo, when in reality its very clearly a pale pink.

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