Sunday, June 6, 2010


Olivia woke up bright and early this morning moaning and calling for me, so when I opened the door and saw a rosey cheeked little girl staring back at me, I knew we were in for a treat. The poor little darling has been battling a 103 degree fever all day and then this evening while I was at the movies and dinner with Insley and Molly she threw up everywhere, all over the couch, herself, her baby and her blanket. Poor Olivia and Poor Brad. So that means I will be home with her tomorrow and there is no telling when she is going to hit the hay tonight because she slept on and off most of the day on the couch/floor. I like keeping an eye on her, because with this nasty cough and her already throwing up once I know when I hear the coughing over the monitor I am going to run in there with every cough thinking that she is throwing up, so for now, she is laying on my bed right next to me watching Dora. My parents are heading back to Northfield tomorrow morning, and Brad has to be in Norfolk at 8am tomorrow, so that means a very early morning for him.

Best Quote of the Day: "Momma, sometimes I throw up in my mouth" - Olivia...."Honey, sometimes I do too" - Me....but I didn't mean it literally of course.

Avery was still awake tonight when I got home around 8 and is just going down now, we are thinking she has a tape worm, the child has been eating all day and the first words out of her mouth when she woke up this morning was "more, more", which is her way of telling us she wants to eat. However she has now started to say "nack" for snack when she wants to eat, and she marches herself over to the cabinet where her snacks are kept and just stands there saying "nack, nack, nack", its quite adorable. I was telling Insley and Molly tonight that I can't relax with Avery unless we are at our house, not that she is safe from everything here, but at least she is familiar with her own house and we have gates up to protect the stairs, I am just on edge when she isn't contained or protected, she gets into EVERYTHING. I never remember feeling this way about Olivia. Today Avery started pulling on and trying to turn the knobs on the stove, Olivia has NEVER to this day touched those knobs so we haven't had the safety things on them, but now I am going to have to rethink that. I really think this child is Brad Turner incarnate...she gets climbs on EVERYTHING, has to touch EVERYTHING...all the while thinking its hilarious.

Side Note: Sex and The City 2 was GREAT. I laughed outloud SEVERAL times and had a great time with Insley and Molly, it was the perfect Girls Afternoon-Evening Out movie.

I am thinking about starting Weight Watchers at work either this week or next, I am not sure when the next session starts, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

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