Wednesday, June 23, 2010

God Bless Me

Sit back, relax and enjoy the next few minutes of your life as you read about the last 24-36 hours of my life. .

Monday Afternoon - 4:45pm - TCH calls and Olivia has a fever of 104. God Bless Me, Brad and Karen, the nice manager who gave Olivia a popsicle at school.

Monday Night - Olivia doesn't rest well, she is up a few times during the night. God Bless Me and Brad

Tuesday Morning - 5:30am - Avery wakes up God Bless Me (and Brad)

Tuesday - Brad leaves for Atlanta and I work from home with Olivia God Bless Me and those pilots that are carrying my darling husband to Hot-Lanta.

Tuesday Afternoon - I pick up Avery at school and notice she has an icky rash all over her that her teachers clearly missed. Avery is a complete grouch, she threw a major fit, threw herself on the floor, screamed her face off, and was so loud that Insley heard her and came over. God Bless Me (and Insley)

Tuesday Evening - Its still 103 degrees outside so I have to keep the girls inside - if you could be a fly on my walls you would know how painful that is, they live to be outside in the evenings. Avery just stands at the doors and yells "side, side, side" at the top of her little lungs. I gave the girls a bath and after Avery's bath I noticied that her rash was worse, and I saw that it was covering the bottom of her feet and her hands were starting to show signs as well - not good. Avery went to bed fairly easily, Olivia on the other hand made it her personal mission to drive me to drink, she was still up, chatting to herself until after 10:30pm. It wasn't until the girls were down and Riley and I were cuddled up on the couch enjoying each other's company that I realized both of his ears were broken and were filling with blood - simply awesome. Just what I need...and did I mention that the odor seeping from his behind was making my eyes water and my nose hairs burn? Brad thought that part was hilarious, he giggled like a school boy when I talked to him. He will get his!!! God Bless Me

Tuesday Night - Olivia didn't rest well again, was up a few times during the night God Bless Me

Wednesday Morning - 5:00am - "I want to watch Dora", that is all I heard over the monitor, Olivia was wide awake. So into our bed she came, I thought for sure I would get her back to sleep by cuddling up with her, but no such luck, I opened my eyes to find us nose to nose and her big browns staring me down. God Bless Me

5:30am - Avery screams for the first time God Bless Me

6:00am - I get into the shower

6:15am - Avery screams for the second time, still in her crib God Bless Me

7:00am - Avery wakes up happy but her rash is now in full force, covering her legs, feet and hands. God Bless Me

7:15am - We all pile into the car and set out for TCH. We dropped Olivia in her classroom and talked to a wide variety of teachers about Avery's rash and the consensus was "she needs to get checked out". God Bless Me 

8:30am - Avery and I make our way to Chippenham Peds, see our favorite NP Lauren and within seconds of seeing Avery she said "Yup, Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease". AWESOME....and here is the kicker. She has to be out of school for the rest of the week. Sure, no problem, not like Capital One needs me, not like I don't have a job to do, not like Brad is out of town until Friday at midnight...God Bless Me

8:43am - I order a Diet-Cherry Limeade from Sonic...and debate spiking it with Gin...and lots of it. God Bless Me

8:51am - I deliver the news to my Director...the news being that I will be "working from home" for the rest of the week, and when Avery is the one at home, that basically means I will be worthless because she requires so much attention, whereas Olivia can entertain herself. God Bless Me

9:30am - Avery takes her morning nap and I get some work done - God Bless Her

11:00am - Nancy our heroic cleaning lady arrives God Bless Her

11:52am - Avery has her first fit of the day God Bless Me

11:59am - Avery has her second fit of the day God Bless Me

12:15pm - Avery has her third fit of the day God Bless Me

12:19pm - Avery has her fourth fit of the day God Bless Me

12:40pm - Avery goes down for a nap - God Bless Her

And thats it so far...I am going to get some work done while she naps, pray she naps for at least 2 hours, run out and pick up Olivia when Avery wakes up, leave Olivia with Molly while Avery and I take Riley to the vet, shake the money tree to pay for Riley's vet bill and then we'll go from there...

Any takers on whether Olivia will be home from school tomorrow with a nasty rash? Over/Under on that?

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3guysandagirl said...

With only the exceptions of Riley's ears and your cleaning lady, your life sounds like mine. Non-stop sickness, antibiotics, rashes and lack of sleep. Did I mention lately that I am perfectly content with just two little ones? I just don't have the stamina for more than that. God bless you Leigh Turner. I bow down to you this week, for sure.