Friday, June 25, 2010

Life through my at least.

(She's channeling her inner Jack "crack" Ware)

(Did someone say Hand, Foot, Mouth and Butt Disease)

(She is working on her Zoolander pose in this one)

(Her father's daughter)

(Everyone needs one of these laying around)

(Apple of My Eye)

(I've got my eye on you...check out her wound, looking 10 times better than it did yesterday)

(A different view of the damage a little one can do with a butter knife should they choose to stick it in their eye.....TWICE)

(Marmaduke and his Dome)

(Doesn't everyone use Tupperware as their canvas?)

(Mr. Helpful, sure glad he caught the early flight home from San Diego...I mean Atlanta)

(Peace on Earth)

*Disclaimer - Jack Ware was a janitor at my high school who always displayed his crack for all to see, hence the name "Crack" Ware instead of Jack Ware, only funny for those of you that went to Pioneer, but it should still give a small giggle to those who are just reading about it now. I mean, picture him bending over to wash the floors, fix the broken lockers...just about anything, its funny right?

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Rochelle said...

Your girls are so cute!!! I love these pictures :)