Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ohhhhhhhh Boston You're My Home...

Well not exactly, but I do love that song. And speaking of Boston, I am boarding a plane bound for Boston at 11:22am tomorrow, and while I am VERY excited to see all of my friends I am feeling quite guilty about leaving my family.  Not only are the girls sick, its just been a crazy few weeks without much downtime, and last weekend I had a lot of girl-time and Brad did most of the heavy lifting, so I am feeling a bit guilty. (However, if I sit back and have a conversation with myself about it and I am reasonable, I know that it all balances out, he gets away every single weekend for a few hours at a time, I never get away, so I am just cashing all my time in at once)

Olivia is feeling MUCH better, outside of a little wheeze, she is back to normal.  She had a great day today with Brad, they went out to lunch and ran and errand for me.  Brad was very productive today while on Pneumonia Patrol (as I like to call it), he hung the new piece of art I got for the girls bathroom (pictures to come), and Avery's Birthday present from Aunt Bethy (pictures to come), and how could I forget, he also hung the bathroom clock, I seriously go bonkers in the girls bathroom without a clock.

Avery on the other hand, she is a hot mess.  She cried her face off for about 10 minutes tonight when I put her down, was quiet for about 30 minutes and then woke up screaming again, this continued for about 7 minutes until I went in and picked her up. I took her back into our room, we snuggled in bed, she was sleeping on me, so I made my way back to her room, placed her in the crib, she rolled over, grabbed her monkey and closed her eyes and within seconds the eyes were open again and she was screaming.  It was horrible. She screamed bloody murder for a solid 30 minutes. Brad finally worked his magic...he is the Avery Whisperer in our house, he can put her down like its his job.

Riley is heading to Four Paws for the weekend...poor guy. Thats two out of the last three weekends that he's been at the kennel. I have to head into the office in the morning for a few meetings and then I will head to the airport around 9:45am (yes, a few meetings before 9:45am - craziness, I know).

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Kearstin said...

Thank you so much for everything this weekend! You are such a doll! See you, at YOUR house, in July! Can't wait :)