Wednesday, June 30, 2010

WW@W Update

I attended my first Weight Watchers at Work meeting on Tuesday, yes, I know, its Week 3, but with Olivia being sick last Tuesday and being in Training two Tuesday's ago this was the first meeting I could attend, so in turn it was the first weigh-in for me, so no update on my progress, more just an update on what I am eating...

140 Calories = 3 Points (And I bought the variety pack at Costco - DELICIOUS)


Between 5-6 Points (I bought a whole slew of them at Target last week, packed them up and brought them all to work on Monday, now I just march myself into the Galley at work around lunchtime, pop one into the crazy commerical, heat your food in 10 seconds microwave and ta-da, Lunch is ready)


I am not ready to talk about dinner yet, I haven't been the beacon of success for dinner just yet. Tuesday Night I went to dinner with Allison at The Black Sheep, which by the way, was on Man vs. Food last night (On the Travel Channel - so very cool). I dined on Shrimp Tacos and they were a little taste of heaven in my mouth. Last night I scarfed up the girls Whole Wheat Pasta that they didn't even touch with their grubby paws, but only a cup or so, so I didn't go all crazy and carb it out. But tonight I am planning on fixing a healthy dinner for Brad and I, filled with fish and fresh veggies...

So back to my first meeting, I absolutely love the WW Lady, she is funny and entertaining and full of great ideas. This week she shared some secrets to making the right choices at cookouts and how to eat healthy on vacation. I have training next Tuesday, but I am hoping to skip out of training in time to get weighed and get my sticker for the week. Wish me luck this weekend as we grill out and celebrate our Nation's Independance with Hot Dogs and Cheeseburgers.

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