Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weight Watchers at Work

I joined WW today at work. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I am so disappointed in myself. I have had all year to lose this weight...who am I kidding, I have had a solid 15 months to lose this weight...back it up, I have had about 5 years to lose this weight and I haven't done squat about it. Well, that isn't entirely true, I have tried....not with a capital T though...just a lowercase T. I have two weddings in September, we are in crunch time, no time to mess around, this weight needs to vacate this bod PRONTO. I wasn't able to attend the first meeting today because I was in training, BUT I will be there next Tuesday with bells on, carrying my carrot sticks with a smile. I weighed in this morning at home, so I will use that as my starting point for now, I will keep you all posted on my progress, please send a few prayers up for me!

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Jeni said...

Best of luck to you!! I am in the same boat minus the weddings.