Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Super Scary...

No sugar coating it, no build up, just putting it out there...Avery went head first off the 3rd step tonight at my Parents House, cracked her cute little forehead on the hardwoods and almost gave me a heart attack. I had her in my arms within a split second of her hitting the floor, she was screaming so loud, I instantly knew what it felt like to want to take the pain away from your child, it was horrible. I thought for sure she had cracked her head open, but thank goodness she has that hard head I have been complaining about. Now she has a egg-sized egg on her forehead, it popped up instantly, and teeters between the colors red and blue. It makes me sick to my stomach to look at it, I feel so bad about not protecting her from that fall, words can't even begin to express how I feel right now.

I called Chippenham Peds right away and they called me back within minutes and just told me to keep an eye on her, watch for anti-Avery behavior, vomitting, etc. The good news is, she is acting 100% like Avery, the bad news is that egg looks down-right awful, I am talking "someone should call the cops on that child's mother" awful.

We did have some good "head" news earlier in the afternoon, Avery was once again cleared by the Pediatric Neurologist. Dr. R isn't worried about the size of her dome, so we are good to go, she is hitting her milestones and we don't have to go back unless something changes. I was so relieved, and then about 35 minutes after we got to my parents house she took the tumble....the pit in my stomach isn't going away, I hate it.

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