Monday, June 7, 2010

HawthoRNe & Flashpoint

Two of my favorites are B-A-C-K. I love both of these shows. Flashpoint (on CBS) is about a Strategic Response Unit and HawthoRNe (on TNT) stars Jada Pinkett Smith as a fiesty Nurse who will likely be making out with Michael Vartan before the season is over, one can only hope. Flashpoint's season kicked off on Friday Evening and HawthoRNe returns June 22nd - wahooooo.

And for the record, Army Wives..just can't get through it without crying. The odds of me having a child that serves in the military is slim to none, not that I wouldn't support the girls if they chose that path, but the odds of them choosing it are pretty slim, and thank god, I am a patriotic mess.  I am so moved by the Military and all they do, the sacrifices they make for our freedom, their families, etc. When Joan's SUV pulled up and Sarah Elizabeth and Roland came out of the house I was a weepy mess...and random fact, Olivia has the same PJ's Sarah Elizabeth was wearing in this episode, YaYa bought them for her. Gotta love Carters.

Another one for the record, the All Natural Lobster Ravioli I purchased at Costco over the weekend = NOT GOOD, I do not recommend you purchase it let alone digest it. Woof!

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