Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Weekend - Turner Style

The weekend kicked off bright and early for me on Saturday Morning, Avery has been on the 5:45-6am wake up schedule for the last week or so, so being that Brad let me sleep in both days over Mother's Day weekend I repaid the favor and took one for the team :) Avery was up, right on schedule at 5:49am, we spent a solid 45 minutes outside, which by the way is her very favorite thing in the whole wide world, she finds the nearest door and just stands at it saying "side, side, side". That girl loves being outside.

(What's that you said...oh its a boat...of course)

(Still rockin the funny face after almost 16 months)

We had to get Brad up so that I could shower and get the girls ready for our morning at Lewis Ginter with The Miller Family (Susan, Scott and Lil Mary), Brad packed up his bike and blazed the roads at West Creek for the better part of the morning while the girls and I splashed around at LGBG and enjoyed the crazy hot Richmond temps. The girls had a blast at the Splash Pad, as you can tell by the photos...

(Right in the kisser that time)


(Time for a snack)

(Mary and Olivia in the Treehouse)

(Fast Friends, just like Susan and I)

Avery has no fear, and for the first time in Olivia's 3 years on this planet she grabbed life by the horns and just met it head on and in she went...I was so proud of her, usually it takes her a while to warm up to things. On the way home the girls and I stopped at Conte's Bike Shop, Brad's Home Away From Home and picked up the main attraction as it relates to his Father's Day spread...a trailer to attach to his bike, so the girls can join in the fun.
Saturday Afternoon was spent celebrating Miss Juliette Grace Koehler.  She turned one this week so it was only fitting that her First Birthday Party was yesterday afternoon. That girl is so stinkin cute I could eat her up...just like she ate up that green frosting on that too cute cake her Momma had made for her. Avery wasn't quite herself yesterday, I am guessing it was the shots on Friday, and her "not so much herself" behavior carried into today too, so we aren't sure what is going on with her, lots of tears, lots of fits.

(The Birthday Girl)

(Not quite sure what to think)

(Totally digging it now)

Saturday Night I hit the hay early, I was one tuckered out buckaroo. Sunday Morning was a bit strange, Avery woke up a few different times, starting at 5:38am and finally for good around 7am, so I was basically awake from 5:38am on...awesome huh?

We were all in the honeywagon on our way to our traditonal Father's Day meal at The Black Sheep by 8:40am, all packed and ready for a day at the Pocahontas Pool as well, pretty impressive don't you think? Needless to say, our breakfast was quite tasty (as always!) and everyone had a blast at the pool. Avery likes to drown herself by just falling over while she walks through the water, and she ends up just floating on her stomach, it looks very scary, but we are always there to grab her within a split second, doesn't seem to really phase her a bit. Olivia loves to jump in the water, and have you catch her, but the problem is, she doesn't jump out, she basically just jumps up, so it freaks me out that she is going to pull a Greg Louganis (sp?) and crack her head on the side of the pool (diving board in his case), so we are going to have to work on that with her because she really likes to jump in, and we can't allow it for fear she is going to crack her skull on the side. Scary stuff.

Brad and Justin went for a quick ride this afternoon while the kids all napped, myself included, too bad mine lasted a solid 9 minutes, you read that right folks, 9 minutes. Avery woke up throwing one of those fits I mentioned above, I let her cry it out, but once I was up, I was I organized my shoes. We set up for dinner with the Koehlers, hearts set on Firebirds, but no reservations were to be had before 6:30pm and that sure as heck isn't going to work for my starvin Marvin's, so off to Outback we went with a call ahead reservation for 5:45pm, clearly that means its okay to make us wait for at least 30 minutes, so we said "Thanks, no Thanks" and took our sorry behinds to BW3's for a very well thought out, heart-felt Father's Day meal.
(Attempt #274 to get the 3 of them to pose together)

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