Sunday, June 6, 2010

5 Years of Bliss....

As you all know Brad and I "celebrated" our 5 Year Anniversary at the Lake in Georgia with all 22 of our other family members, so as a treat to extend our celebration he made reservations at Crab Louie's Tavern in Midlothian for last night.

I had a long day yesterday, I picked up my dear college friend Linds around 8am and we headed North to help host our friend Allison's Bridal Shower in Northern Virginia, we had a great time at the shower, had a blast catching up on the ride to and from...Linds and I are the type of friends that can go months without seeing each other or talking and when we get together its like we never skipped a beat, its a wonderful feeling and we are so very much alike in so many ways, its always so much fun getting together with her. We got back to Richmond around 5:30pm and I was BEAT...just flat out exhausted. So I hung with the girls for a little bit and then Brad banished me to our bedroom for a quick cat nap...and what did I find when I went upstairs...

(Don't tell Brad, but I was the most excited that he had made the bed...totally kidding of course)

(A single red rose and a very sweet card)

Romantic huh? Well, I sure thought so...then we went to dinner, had some yummy seafood. Firecracker Shrimp that rivals Bang Bang Shrimp at Bonefish...and I am NOT kidding, its delicious. We got home around 9:45 or 10pm, thanked my parents for watching the girls and I collapsed on the couch. Brad convinced me to just make my way upstairs and sleep in my own I followed him up the stairs, and found an even better surprise. Our bedroom door was closed...but I could see a little light coming from under the door. He opened the door, candles were lit, and this is what I found...

(I had to recreate the image this morning for better lighting)

And he had the iPOD all ready to go with a little Michael Buble...what a sweet, romantic man I married huh?

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