Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Triple Whammy

Whammy #1 - Olivia coming down with Pneumonia
Whammy #2 - Avery's right ear infection
Whammy #3 - Avery's left ear infection

That's right folks, Avery has a double ear infection, I took her to the Doctor this afternoon and confirmed it, got some meds and hopefully she will be good to go in a few days. The hits just keep on coming...I am thankful we have Doctors we can trust and that the girls have access to such great medical care, I can't imagine hesitating to see the Doctor for fear of the co-pays, or the bills, or even the extreme of not having insurance.

Baby Cohen's Surgery went well, he is recovering in his ICU room right now, his parents are waiting to be with him, what a stressful day for them, keep those prayers coming. .

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maura said...

Oh my goodness, your poor babies! I'm just catching up on a few weeks of posts and reading about both girls getting sick. Sending you all love and wishes for a speedy recovery.