Monday, July 30, 2012

Tacos & Ted

Brad and I got out for a few hours last night while Alex stayed with the girls. It was a nice relaxed date night.  We cuddled up to the bar for dinner at Bonefish while we watched the Olympics and sat next to each other, the first time we've ever done that, its just odd to have to turn your next like that to talk to the person you are dining with.

And much to our surprise - we arrived just before Happy Hour ended - a huge plus of having date night on a Sunday Night - there are fun specials.  So I dined on Bang Bang Shrimp Tacos for $5.00 & Brad had a Lobster Roll.  Being from New England I am always hesitant to order a Lobster Roll outside of the homeland, but Brad loves Lobster Rolls so he gave it a try - it wasn't bad, but it was mayo heavy, and my bite tasted like celery and onion, I didn't really taste any lobster, but I do love buttered and grilled hot dog buns when they are top cut.

And then we caught the 7:25 showing of Ted - I had super high hopes, several people had commented on how funny it was, a few even went on a FB limb and said it was the funniest movie they've ever seen - but I was rather disappointed - sure I laughed out loud - BUT for me, it just didn't live up to the hype. It was nice to snuggle with Brad in the theater, but I was tempted to cut off the bottom of my maxi dress and wrap it around my shoulders, I was freezing. We passed on Popcorn (I was proud of us) but did dish out a non-essential organ to procure some Reese's Pieces and a small fountain Cheery Coke - is there anything better than fountain Cherry Coke? My goodness, its delicious!

PS - I still have a huge soft spot for talking animals - but talking stuffed animals just wasn't the same.

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