Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer House Project List

So I have been adding things and deleting things from my list and at the end of the day I have no idea how realistic this list is, but I am going to give it a shot, worst case I've documented it and can work on it...

1) Finish Olivia's Gallery Wall - it is 85% done, I just need to fill in a few more frames

2) Refinish Rast Dresser for Olivia's Room - this will replace her cute bedside table that just isn't big enough to hold a small lamp and alarm clock, two things that will be critical when she starts school.

3) Refinish another Rast Dresser for Play Area - this one is put together and being used, it just isn't finished yet.

4) Bookshelf for Olivia's Room - Put together bookshelf for Olivia's room and figure out how to rearrange furniture to accommodate all pieces

5) Gallery Wall in Avery's Room - this one is only about 2% complete now, I have several pieces to contribute, but the wall hasn't been started yet, except for the mirror, so this one has a ways to go.

6) Rast Dresser for Avery's Room - this will also act as her bedside table for now, I want to get a clock for her room as well, you can't see the clock from her bed and it drives me batty  (I spend far too much time in her bed).

I think that seems like a reasonable list, the challenge will be the weather, if its too hot and humid the paint won't dry, so redoing the dressers might become more difficult.  I have several other projects on my long term list that might be able to jump up in priority if that becomes the case since they don't involved painting, such as new Curtains for Dining Room and redoing the chairs in the dining room - we shall see.

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