Monday, July 16, 2012

2 Reasons to Be Excited

1) I purchased some supplies via the World Wide Web yesterday that will help me knock off 3 projects on my Summer To-Do List...they will require some glue and some spray paint and they will make something oh so simple...oh so pretty - can you guess what they might be?

2) My Erin Condren Life Planner arrived...and funny story.  I knew it was going to arrive on Friday, I had been tracking it since I got the "It has shipped" email through the trusty FedEx Website.  It hadn't arrived by 6:00pm when we left our house Friday Evening, but FedEx shows up at our house super late sometimes and they are here at least 4 times a week (Brad's Job, I don't shop online THAT much).  So we get home after the girls had a swim at my Parents pool and we dined, just the two of us, at Don Pepe, and my planner was NOT on the steps.  I ran inside and checked the tracking, it was now after 8pm and it should have been here by now and according to FedEx it had arrived at 6:54pm and was left at the front door.  So I began to panic, but decided I would call Molly and see if she had grabbed it in case it rained or something like I called, she answered and I joked and said "Did you swipe my planner, it has my initials on it, you won't want it - ha!", and she was like "I have no idea what you are talking about" and this went on for a few minutes, I was running around the house checking to make sure it really wasn't on the back deck, I checked the front a few more times, all while talking to Molly and all of a sudden she says "Oh,are you looking for THIS box" and she is on her front steps holding the glorious and fashionable Erin Condren Box..I didn't know whether to hug her or throttle her, she had the glorious planner, but she played an evil trick on me...we both laughed and then we joined Insley on her front porch while she rocked Sam to sleep.  Causal social hour with your neighborhood gal pals is the BEST.

So I am thrilled my planner is here, I can't believe I haven't spent hours filling it out just yet, but I can imagine I will get to that sooner, rather than later.  I have been busy logging clothes for the Kids Layne/Ladies Layne Sale that is coming up this weekend. What is it with their sales falling on the girls birthday party weekends, never fails!! I can't wait - I entered 297 items. I have to re tag a ton, which I am not looking forward to, but I am very much looking forward to getting a ton of them out of my house and I am inclined this time donate most of what doesn't sell to Goodwill...there are Suits and Tags Still On items that I will likely bring home if they don't sell, but hopefully a bunch sells and I only have a few things to bring home!!

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