Tuesday, July 31, 2012

TV Tuesday: Summer TV

I haven't been dying of boredom due to Summer TV the way I have in years past - this Summer has kept me entertained, but I am still very much looking forward to the Fall TV Premier Dates.  For fun I thought I would lay out my favorites...

1) Army Wives - this one is summer old faithful - I've really enjoyed Army Wives since it started, some episodes are better than others, but its a good one!

2) Saving Hope - I have no idea how this show is going to end, the last episode I saw left me in tears - its about a Doctor (Alex - female) who is engaged to another Doctor (Charlie - male), who was in an accident on the day of their wedding, he now lays in a comma - something about hospital dramas always suck me in.  I am hoping that it gets picked up after the Summer trial.

3) NY Med - I've already blogged about my love of this one before, so I won't beat the dead "I love this show" horse - tune in - its a good one.

4) Rizzoli & Isles - a cop drama, this is always a lay-up - cop dramas and hospital dramas - love them.  And this one takes place in Boston - love it.  I wish there was a little more romance in this one - but I still love it.

5) Franklin & Bash - these two guys have great chemistry - they are witty, charming and I laugh out loud while watching this show - legal drams have been hit or miss for me, I haven't been as loyal to legal dramas as I have with cop or hospital dramas, but this one is great.

6) Common Law - we just tuned into this one, its a new series and it entertains me - it isn't going to win any awards and if it was competing with something else for my attention, I am not sure it would win, but these two boys are funny and they are easy on the eyes.

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