Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Olivia Merritt

Our oldest beauty, Olivia Merritt Turner turns 5 years old today at 4:57pm, I can't imagine the last 5 years without her in our lives, and I can't imagine a single minute of the rest of my life without her.  She made me a Mommy and the first time I looked into her now beautiful brown eyes I just knew that I would be thanking my lucky stars every single day that I was chosen to be her Mommy.

Olivia the day she came home...

Olivia is a doll, a sweet, thoughtful, generous little girl who loves her family, loves her friends, loves to learn, loves her dog, loves glue, loves olives and loves to snuggle. She is witty and smart, she uses my words of wisdom against me at the most appropriate of times, and she has a memory like a steel trap, nothing gets by this girl.  Her dances moves are outstanding, but the facial expressions that go along with those dances moves could use some work.

Olivia at her First Birthday

Olivia adjusted so well to being a big sister, and it always melts my heart to watch her show Avery how something works, or explain to Avery how to play a game she has just made up, but it sounds uber official. 

Olivia at her Second Birthday

The imagination of this beauty is impressive, but I can imagine that is the norm for a rising five year old. I love to listen to her tell me stories and she is always asking for me to tell her a story.

Olivia at her Third Birthday

We have loved watching you grow, watching you try new things and your courage in the water this summer is just a true reminder that development is a wonderful thing and the fear you had of the water last summer is gone, you let me throw you into the water and you bounce off the bottom and gladly dunk your head under - I love it.

Olivia at her Fourth Birthday

Olivia is very much looking forward to her Jake and the Neverland Pirates Party on Saturday afternoon. She invited her classmates this year and can't wait to spend the afternoon on the water slide, splashing around. And tonight we are going to dinner as a Family, after my Mom takes Olivia & Avery to get their nails done - their very first trip to the nail salon - I hate to miss it, but I am grateful my Mom is able to spend the afternoon with them while I slave away at the office and blow my nose every 35 seconds (picture me looking like Rudolph).

Happy Birthday to our sweet, sweet girl Olivia.  We love you more than words can say, and can't imagine a world without you in it.

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