Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Build-a-Bear Take 2

If you recall we took the beauties to Build-a-Bear for Avery's Birthday, and Olivia asked that we also make a Build-a-Bear trip for her Birthday, so of course, I prepared myself a little better for this trip. I clipped coupons ($10 off purchase of $30 or more) and gathered the gift cards the girls have received, and we also set some rules.  Our new "bears" didn't need shoes and they didn't need panties, and you know what, that rule alone saved us $20+ buck-a-roos...I can't believe the Build-a-Bear pantie are $3.50 each, isn't that insane? A big thank you to Nate Davis (and Maura & Aaron) for the gifts - the girls were so excited to be able to go to Build-a-Bear together again!! Between a gift card, promotional gift cards we got with our last trip and the coupons, we ended up paying .68 out of pocket, and we walked away having not touched Olivia's gift card - how cool is that? Clip those Build-a-Bear coupons - they are priceless!!!

The girls had fun building Charley the Cow (Avery) and Kaitlyn the Pup (Olivia) - trying to get Avery to name her bears has been comical.  This time she just looked around the store and named off everything she could see, and then finally we started to go through names that began with a C, so it would be close to "COW"...she cracks me up.

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