Friday, July 13, 2012

Beach Beauties...

We had family photos taken again this summer by Sascha (Photos By Sascha) who happens to be just a doll to work with, and we are so glad that we did.  I absolutely love capturing our moments on "film" and I find that I have slacked in this department lately, and happy that we didn't let an opportunity pass us by.

Our Crazy Family...just being us.

A little more crazy

Here are the real beach beauties...

What a nice change...actually being able to photograph the girls together and while we don't have a great one of them both facing the camera, just having them in the same frame makes my heart melt...

Avery's attempt at a "silly face"

Our oldest grown up.

Where have the last 5 years gone?

Here we the reflection

Love Birds

And finally, just so you know we can be more serious...the 2012 Beach Family Photo...

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