Wednesday, July 11, 2012

NY Med on ABC

Have you seen it? It is a new show on ABC, just a mini-series to get you through the boring Summer TV season, and holy smokes, shows like this one just tear me apart, I can't get through a single 5 minute stint without tears forming in my tears or huge lump forming in my throat.  I fell in love with Hopkins a few years ago, and then Boston Med in 2010 and this summer the cameras are following the Doctors and Nurses at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, where Dr. Oz works, and of course when Dr. Oz shows up at the hospital its like the President of the United States is in the building.

The first episode, a young mother of two finds out she has a fatal brain tumor and has to go under the knife.  An older gentleman has heart surgery and his ex-wife is there to support him, and another gentleman goes in to have cancerous tumors on his liver removed, only to find out when they get in there that his entire liver is filled with these tumors and they can't operate, the Dr. has to leave the OR to go share the bad news with the patients wife and children...I was a mess.  The wife asked "How long does he have to live?" The Dr, which as much grace as possible said "We can hope for 6 months" and the wife smiled with her broken heart and said "Thank you for telling me"....good grief, I am tearing up again just writing about it.  Shows like this help give me perspective that I lose far too often...I know a lot of people can't wait them, and believe its tough, but after being at the hospital today with Olivia, it makes me so very thankful for the health we have, and gives me strength to pray for those that are dealing with far more than we are.

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